Monday, March 10, 2014

A new companion :)

Joke of the Week: How do you fix a pumpkin? A Pumpkin Patch!!!!!
Quote of the Week: " God an animal?"
Hijole what a week. l have very little time due to the fact that we were just fender bendered from behind :P entonces l need to fill out the church reports and stuff. 
Well first of all my new companion is...... Hna. VanBallegooie!!! She's awesome! THe people have a reeeal hard time with her name, so we've shortened it to "Hna. Van"
But we've already had so much fun together :) She probably is thinking that her trainer is nuts, but asi es. She looks a lot liek Kyra Douglas from my sidevision. weird. And she's surda (lefty) too!
lt puts a completely new perspective on missionary work. We were reading on the white handbook this morning, and it amazed me that l'm still learning new things even though l've read it almost as many times as l've read Harry Potter! 
Last night we had a really cool experience. We had some awesome plans to go see a fireside with an investigator, but at the last minute, things fell through. We had an old referral that only had the street name, so we decided to go tract that street. We started down, and up pull los Merlos! A family that is in the Hurst ward, but lives in Arlington! They rolled down the window, and asked if we could go see their friend (the referral) who is in the hospital who wants a book of mormon! lt was amazing to see how GOd put us in the exact right place adn the EXACT right time. We found 7 new investigators yesterday and 3 new families, and all of it was according to God's plan, not ours. 
Man l just can't think right now. But things are going great here in Arlington :) l didn't even cry when that guy hit us! 
Happy Marzo!
-Hna. Gomez

p.s. (I asked her if she was hurt in the accident) nope. he just nicked the back.... but it ruined my zero accident streak! l wish l was a bike elder :P

el calendario del traslado :)
LAst day we did service with the elderes painting!
los cambios...

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