Monday, March 3, 2014

Arlington gets to keep Tali awhile more

Quote of the Week: Faith doesn't look back.

l have very little time today cause we have a LOT to do hoy! But Hna. Hunter is getting transferred to FORT WORTH!!!! My home town!!!!!! l'm so so jealous that she's going there. BUT l'm stoked cause guess what? l'm TRAINING AGAIN!!!!  Hna. X will get here on Wednesday. And that means l'll be in Arlington for at least 3 more months :)
l feel like l've been the best missionary mientras training. As president says, "a call to lead is a call to repent." lt's such a huge responsibility, but l'm super excited.
This last week we did tons of goodbye visits for Hna. Hunter....l'm going to miss her so much! 
The bike elderes had another baptism this weekend! Elder Allen finished up his mission with 4 people getting baptized on Saturday. lt was sweet. 
Well happy march to all of you! l have not much more to say.....
Hna. Gomez

Last district meeting of the transfer! Elder Allen asked me to play "All of Me" pretty much every time l saw him since the day l met him in Fort Worth last summer.

And a silly member Jorge saw our car and parked ridiculously close to us!
Saying goodbye to Eladio and Martin

With la familia Rodriguez. San Juana is the sweetest member ever! 
Frozen yogurt with Mayra :)

Adan will be a model when he grows up for sure  
Dancing in the parking lot with Leslie!!!

The planner cover l made for my new trainee! 
l love morning exercise jiji
And l still hate Texas :)

We cut down a tree. Hahaha Elder Burningham makes Hno. Montoya look so little!

Hahaha "Twin Special" at the mortuary? barbarick?

Hna. Chef Hunter cooked a fancy cornish game hen with a spinach cream sauce!

with Hno. Guzman. He's someone who truly magnifies his calling :)
And Coral Pedrogo

With our two ward mission leaders Hno. Villanueva y Hno. Guzman
And la familia Acevedo y la Hna. Yolanda Lara. l love them :)

fixing my hair as Hna. Hunter teaches the tie/nudo prayer lesson with la familia Vasquez

Then we played ninja!

showing off our cool tricks. Don't judge us.

Luis wanted to be in front....
Then Cristian...

THen Juanito...
And then Hna. Vasquez :)

Love this family! 
They all signed a coke can for Hna. Hunter's parting gift

p.s. Aila's baby is SO CUTE! What's the name?

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