Monday, March 24, 2014

Stop worrying, it will work out!

Joke of the Week: Why did the pie go to the dentist? Cause he needed a filling!

Buenos dias! La vida aqui en Tejas sigue igual.... fantastica! Haha l don't know if "fantastica" is a palabra that is used in real life, pero no importa :)
l can't believe that Naomi and Carlos are already old enough to have their wisdom teeth taken out. l expect good pictures of their fat faces after! 
This week was quite the party. (By party l mean missionary work) We got out on the bikes again! Hna. Vanballegooie is such a good sport and completely open to learning how to ride. The weather is turning beautiful! We've just got to take advantage of every moment before it turns into an Easy-Bake-Oven.
Speaking of ovens, this morning l decided that (since it's p-day) l was going to use up the old things in the pantry left from old missionaries, and make cookies! The recipe is basically a packet of oatmeal, really old waffle mix, half moldy applesauce, and baking powder! No eggs, no sugar. And they actually turned out pretty yummy! l was so proud. My companion wouldn't touch them though. 
We met a super cool family last night! lt was a referral out in the boonies of our area, and we were surprised to have a family welcome us into their house with hugs! They're a super sweet, open family who is ready to learn about God. The kids all like to read and were excited to learn how to pray. One little girl is deaf, and so my minimal ASL skills are coming in handy! Haha it made me realize how comfortable l am speaking in spanish (as opposed to signing).
Patience has been a hard one for me this week. One of our investigators is SO ready to be baptized. She's sharing the Gospel, talking to her friends about "her church," preparing for the temple, and just started the Libro de Mormon for the 2nd time! BUT.... there are details that need fixing before she can bautizarse. This morning l was reading in Psalms (l am more that halfway done with the old testamento!) and for about 3 chapters in a row, the Spirit told me "STOP WORRYING. lt will work out. God has his own time schedule." Entonces.... l have to stop worrying. 
The Big Bang Theory is gold-plated. And God definitely exists. When l heard that news, it kind of made me excited to go back to college :) 
Espero que les vayan muy bien! Echen le ganas y sigan adelante. 

Yes l may have taken a selfie while biking
about wisdom teeth day 2 Nefi 9:28-29

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