Monday, March 17, 2014

swimming through jello

Quote of the Week: The harder l work, the luckier l get.
Joke of the Week: What's Enos' last name? Jacobson!!!!! hahahaha
Buenos dias mi familia. Espero que esten bien alla en la tierra del norte. De cierto de cierto os digo que hace bastante tiempo que les escribo en el lenguaje de vuestros padres, quienes son.... los lamanitas! 
DAD: Para que sepa, se lo di su numero a unos miembros aqui. Ellos van a ir a la conferencia general en Abril, y unos nunca han viajado por avion, y no conocen muy bien Salt Lake. Entonces... les dije que le llamen si tengan dudas o problemas :)
Well l can't believe that Dallin, Aaron, Tyson, and Dallin are all home again! That's crazy. Loco que Levi spoke at Dallin's homecoming, and l spoke at his farewell! l still see kids who are about 8 years old and think, "oh they're just like Levi!" And then l remember that Levi is basically ancient now! 
This last week the weather has been bipolar! One day it's above 80 and the next it's back down below 40. 
We've got some almost solid baptismal dates.... but the work is slowing down. lt's so frustrating! l feel like we're trying to swim and kick through jello. But have no fear! We're planning like crazy, working our tails off (lf we had them to begin with) and ready to seguir the lucha con el jello. We're going to be successful here. 
Hahaha so there's a little girl here who can't say "misionera," so she calls us "cantineras" ......which is NOT the same. hahaha it cracks me up. 
So l was on an exchange with a member who lives in Arlignton, but goes to the Hurst ward. ln my last area, l was teaching one of her co-workers. l asked her if this friend was still talking with the hermanas, and the member told me that this friend DIED last Dicember! Like two weeks after l left Hurst! She was super healthy, like 35, and very... alive!!! But the cool part of the story is that the member told us that she's been having dreams of her friend accepting "las muchachas" who teach her in the spirit world! 
l hope you all had a fantastic Pie day on teh 14th, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACOB BOTTELBERGHE TODAY!!!! And feliz dia de san patricio! :)  l told Hna. VanBallegooie that she didn't need to dress up cause she's already green :) hehehehe
Es todo para hoy
-Hermana GOmez

BAck when we drove a malibu... haha
On the sunny days we study outside :)
Ocean AVenue!!!! l miss music!!!
Sweet Hna. Hernandez made us mango flower things :) 
La calle San Jorge!!!! lf y'all listened to Tercer Cielo then this picture would be super cool :)

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  1. Sometimes you just have to keep swimming through that jello!