Monday, March 31, 2014

What WAS that feeling?

Joke of the Week: Como se dice "dedo" en japones? Sacamocos. Hahaha 
Quote of the Week: Rejection will never hurt as long as regret.
Holy moly it's been a good week! The Conferencia for all of the women was fantastic! THe video montage topped the growing old scene in Up. So stinking cute!  Hmm... Random news is that l met the brother and sister in law of Heather Tyler here! They're trying to brush up on some spanish skills so they came to our ward!
Cool story! Talking to a guy outside his house, we started a little 10 minute lesson with a prayer. After the prayer, he was close to tears, and said "What WAS that feeling? l have NEVER felt anything like that in my life!" Testimony builder for sure. This man told us that he lets missionaries of all faiths talk to him, and he's attended the catholic church his whole life, but he's never felt "that feeling" before. He said that he doesn't know what our church is about, but that it's special :) Awesome. Possum.
We did a sweet 8 mile bike ride last week for an appointment, and it was SO FUN! Haha l didn't tell Hna. Gooie how long it'd be until AFTER we got home :) 
l have not too much time. Adios! 
Pictures: a street for Naomi and
 An elder wants us to get fat, so he gave us TONS of candy. Haha great for Noches de Hogares!

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