Monday, April 28, 2014

Hope to see you at church tomorrow ...hahahaha

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!
Quote of the Week: "Las decisiones correctas nos aumenta la capacidad de tomar decisiones correctas" Speaker at church :)
Firstly, l DID get the easter package! lt was wonderful! But l had to leave most of it in Arlington... :( As for my address, l've held off cause we've been changing apartments. But it's
111 S. 28th St. #149
Killeen, TX 76541
And if you ever don't know where l am, the mission office is 1331 Airport Freeway Ste. 305 Euless, TX 76040. And they'll forward stuff to me. 
Anyway, l need advice. How do you make apartments smell good?????
This week has been crazy! We officially moved in, and it's super fun cause we're jsut two doors down from the English sisters! 
We have been struggling to figure out this huge area with tons of investigators that we don't know (cause the used to be the elders'). But it's comin along. 
l had the opportunity to go to a baptism de los elderes de ingles, and... MAN lt was amazing! The guy got up to bear his testimony after his baptism, and he told us that every thing that the missionaries taught, all that he felt in church, the support of all of the members, just felt like "home" And that he's been searching for something like this all of his life. Man. lt was a powerful moment.
This Sunday, some investigators didn't make it to church because of a sillllllllly technology problem :P Our phone didn't end up sending the message "WE hope to see you at church tomorrow!" until Sunday. So this awesome family was all ready to go yestertday morning, until the text got to them, and stayed at home super confused as to why we had moved church to Monday >:(.... Hahahaha stuff happens
l love this branch so much! l know that the Lord needs me to be here in Killeen.
l'm ready for teh heat wave. l hear it's even HOTTER down here than it was up north ..... SO we're just preparing ourselves to be very smelly :) 
By far the coolest thing this week is that an hermana in our ward is a retired cheerleader for the CHIVAS (futbol team de jalisco)!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!  
Happy aniversary and birthday to Mom and Dad this week!!!!! l'm so glad to hear that you and good ole Big CAnyon are still going well :)
Con amor,
Eldera Gomez

Monday, April 21, 2014

a new area for Tali - new challenge :)

Yolk of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea?? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!
Quote of the Week: "l know that not all people who talk about God are from God. But something just told me to let you in."
Looks like you had a great Easter bash! l haven't seen the "Because of Him" Video! l was actually told to watch it by my leaders, but my headphones broke in Hurst, and we hardly ever have time to do time, so l haven't.... but l need to soon!
 Sadly, l had to leave what was left of the lovely Easter package in Arlington. But down here in Killeen we had SO much fun! Hijole, this has been a crazy change. But l love it! The little branch is so close and united! My companion and l get along so well!!! Haha we're pretty much the only Mexicans in the branch. (SHe's from Reynosa) And l don't even really count. But all of the El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicauragua, and Puerto Rican people give us a hard time about it :)
lt's just Hna. Lopez and l covering the whole stake of Killeen. lt's by far my hugest area! l'm pretty sure we border the San Antonio, Houston, and Lubbuck missions. There is so much potential in this area. 
l'm going to learn a lot about the military here! Almost every one here is military. l've never heard so many foreign acronyms in my life!!!!
We are switching apartments this week... maybe. We're moving into the elders old apartment in Killeen. l'll just say.... young men should learn how to clean their houses and do dishes BEFORE their missions :P
l'm so ready to serve the Lord! lt's tempting to get "homesick" for my old areas up north, but then l remember that the Lord puts us exactly where ne needs us. l found myself complaining a lot in my head about the apartment, the isolation, and stupid things. ln my morning personal study, me toco leer in 1 Nefi when the family of Lehi left EVERYTHING and dwelt in a tent. l was humbled and reminded that l have nothing to complain about. Nothing at all. l'm so happy to be here :) l know that our Savior loves us! Yesterday we celebrated the crazy amazing blessing of His resurrection! Through him, all of the unfairness and hardships of life are made right. There's no other knowledge that can sustain us through our toughest trials. l know it cause l have read the Libro de Mormon ( Just finished it again!)
l hope you have all had a great Easter!
-Hna. Gomez

pictures - goodbye's at sweaty p-day activity! l love this zone!!!!
Matching with Hna. Vanballegooie :)
l LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!! Los cuates preciosos Adan and Elena :)
l am going to miss these lovely people...
mas fotos de las familias: investigadores, conversos, y miembros :)
Last foto with la familia Garcia :(
Farewell to Hna. Vanballegooie (yes we matched on purpose ;))
And Hna. Barrett!!!! She's HOME!!!!!
Adios to elder quemando jamon
Hna. Hansen is HOME!!! All of my old companions are dying!!!!  
Headed into the "new" apartment. hahaha we couldn't hack the smell so we got masks :)
Branch Activity! Tons of members invited friends it was AWESOME!
Hermana Lopez and l
People keep telling us we look related?
The lake was so pretty! lt almost felt like l was in the mountains!
A ridiculous card we made for a fantastic birthday/easter dinner :)
we may or may not have received washable tattoos in some easter eggs......... :)

P.S. MOM: President has endorsed me!! lt's all ready!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tali's getting transferred!

Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? Taki's!
Quote of the Week: "The doctrine changes the man, and the man changes his habits."
Hijole!!!! SO..... this week l've been humbled. Our zone leaders told us of some changes that were happening, and l straight up didn't believe them. lt just sounded to absurd and l was sure they were tricking us. But.... it's true! AND what's more, is that l am getting transferred!!!!!! l was NOT expecting it at all! l'm heading down about 4 hours away from the metroplex. lt's going to be nuts, my first three areas have been super close to each other. But l'm excited! l'll be with Hna. Lopez who speaks fluent spanish, and l'm so excited to learn from her!
l dont' have much time this week, but man, we've had some great experiences. l found out that two families that l found in Hurst got baptized last week! lt's always good to hear that people keep progressing. 
l'm so sad to leave this area. But l've learned that although my heart breaks to leave, there are people who l need to find somewhere else. ln Killeen :) 
l heard that Mitch Siniscalchi (spelling?) is coming to this mission Spanish speaking!!!! That's AWESOME! Except l think that he'll arrive the same time l head home... w.e.i.r.d. 
Oh ya.... lf l send emails with people's names in them, don't post it on the blog! Or erase the names and put initials or something! l try to remember to not put names, but sometimes l slip! Also, if there's a tornado and you are worried (don't be) DON'T call the mission office. Sister Ames is setting up a facebook page that you'll be able to check. But... meh, l'll be fine :) 
Happy birthday to Carlos and Steve! l love his prom picture!!!!! They look so cute :) And l love the pictures of Leah and her chapin! 
This week there's been lots of deaths, cancer diagnoses, and emergencies to the hospital.... so... be grateful for the lives you have! lt's amazing how quickly people humble themselves and realize what's important when crisis appears. 
Adios mis hermanos amados
-Hna. Gomez


The first picture - a sister who is headed back to Nauvoo, IL visitor center
Seeing past companions at the trainer meeting! We're all training! lt feels like just yesterday we headed out from Provo together...
The transfer calender!
And a silly deacon who drew himself a beard :) hahaha
Hehehe our zone leader asked us to make him his last planner cover. "Team Utchdorf or team Holland??"

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference. BOOM!

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!! 
Quote of the Week: "lf you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." -Tony Robbins
General conference. BOOM! l loved it! l hope that y'all enjoyed your tortillas de harina and frijoles. mmmm. Conference weekend was probably my second favorite holiday back home. Here we certainly ate a lot of food.... but it was Cici's pizza :) Hahaha Elders turn into monsters in that place! 
l loved that there were so many talks about researching our family stories! lt reminded me of those family history coloring books that Mom made forever ago. 
We met with a former investigator this last week, we found that she's been fasting once a month, reading, and praying that her husband will let her go to church with us. She's AWESOME but her husband is extremely against the church. lt breaks my heart to see her struggle to keep the faith... But l know it will all work out. She has gone to a few other churches. She told us, (in spanish) "They all teach wonderful things about Jesus and the Bible, and how to live, but your church FILLS me! lt is the only place l've ever felt so whole." The difference is real! We truly have something much more than just really good Bible studies. We have the truth! All of it!
A family we've been working a lot with is going through a real scary time right now. The oldest son (23) had an artery tear in his heart. ln the ER, the doctors told him to call his family and say goodbye. The surgery required has less than 20% chance of survival. Well, things worked out, and he's stable right now. But l have never seen a family with so much faith! They realized immediately that this was a sign from God to help them prepare for the temple. They know now that they can't "procrastinate the day of their repentance." The Plan of Salvation is the only thing powerful enough to bring peace during a trial like that. 
oh ya! Happy birthday this week to STeve! And happy anniversary to Aida y Steve!!!!!!!! l can't believe it's been 7 years already! lt feels like just yesterday that l got to wear that reeeeeallly cute periwinkle dress :) 
Hasta la pasta familia! 
-Hna. Gomez
(l sent a present for Carlos in the mail (sorry Steve!) so be watching!)
p.s. President told me that he's working on my Endorsement
p.p.s. l almost forgot to tell about the awful April fool's joke we played on our elders!!!! We texted them and said that President just called us and said that he feels that Hna. Vanballegooie needs to go home, so that l'd be going to stay with the Sister Training Leaders until things got worked out.
The bike elders caught it right away, but the poor zone leaders believed us! They were like, "We're so sorry what can we do for you sisters??" And we were like, "Ah ya know, just have a good April Fool's Day >:)"


in between sessions Cici's trip with the distrito  :)

Me and Paulina Camacho! We finally got in to teach Elder Camacho's sister and mother-in-law 
 They send him "muchos saludos" :)