Monday, April 28, 2014

Hope to see you at church tomorrow ...hahahaha

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!
Quote of the Week: "Las decisiones correctas nos aumenta la capacidad de tomar decisiones correctas" Speaker at church :)
Firstly, l DID get the easter package! lt was wonderful! But l had to leave most of it in Arlington... :( As for my address, l've held off cause we've been changing apartments. But it's
111 S. 28th St. #149
Killeen, TX 76541
And if you ever don't know where l am, the mission office is 1331 Airport Freeway Ste. 305 Euless, TX 76040. And they'll forward stuff to me. 
Anyway, l need advice. How do you make apartments smell good?????
This week has been crazy! We officially moved in, and it's super fun cause we're jsut two doors down from the English sisters! 
We have been struggling to figure out this huge area with tons of investigators that we don't know (cause the used to be the elders'). But it's comin along. 
l had the opportunity to go to a baptism de los elderes de ingles, and... MAN lt was amazing! The guy got up to bear his testimony after his baptism, and he told us that every thing that the missionaries taught, all that he felt in church, the support of all of the members, just felt like "home" And that he's been searching for something like this all of his life. Man. lt was a powerful moment.
This Sunday, some investigators didn't make it to church because of a sillllllllly technology problem :P Our phone didn't end up sending the message "WE hope to see you at church tomorrow!" until Sunday. So this awesome family was all ready to go yestertday morning, until the text got to them, and stayed at home super confused as to why we had moved church to Monday >:(.... Hahahaha stuff happens
l love this branch so much! l know that the Lord needs me to be here in Killeen.
l'm ready for teh heat wave. l hear it's even HOTTER down here than it was up north ..... SO we're just preparing ourselves to be very smelly :) 
By far the coolest thing this week is that an hermana in our ward is a retired cheerleader for the CHIVAS (futbol team de jalisco)!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!  
Happy aniversary and birthday to Mom and Dad this week!!!!! l'm so glad to hear that you and good ole Big CAnyon are still going well :)
Con amor,
Eldera Gomez

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  1. She made up another Spanish word. Eldera. I love it!