Monday, April 14, 2014

Tali's getting transferred!

Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? Taki's!
Quote of the Week: "The doctrine changes the man, and the man changes his habits."
Hijole!!!! SO..... this week l've been humbled. Our zone leaders told us of some changes that were happening, and l straight up didn't believe them. lt just sounded to absurd and l was sure they were tricking us. But.... it's true! AND what's more, is that l am getting transferred!!!!!! l was NOT expecting it at all! l'm heading down about 4 hours away from the metroplex. lt's going to be nuts, my first three areas have been super close to each other. But l'm excited! l'll be with Hna. Lopez who speaks fluent spanish, and l'm so excited to learn from her!
l dont' have much time this week, but man, we've had some great experiences. l found out that two families that l found in Hurst got baptized last week! lt's always good to hear that people keep progressing. 
l'm so sad to leave this area. But l've learned that although my heart breaks to leave, there are people who l need to find somewhere else. ln Killeen :) 
l heard that Mitch Siniscalchi (spelling?) is coming to this mission Spanish speaking!!!! That's AWESOME! Except l think that he'll arrive the same time l head home... w.e.i.r.d. 
Oh ya.... lf l send emails with people's names in them, don't post it on the blog! Or erase the names and put initials or something! l try to remember to not put names, but sometimes l slip! Also, if there's a tornado and you are worried (don't be) DON'T call the mission office. Sister Ames is setting up a facebook page that you'll be able to check. But... meh, l'll be fine :) 
Happy birthday to Carlos and Steve! l love his prom picture!!!!! They look so cute :) And l love the pictures of Leah and her chapin! 
This week there's been lots of deaths, cancer diagnoses, and emergencies to the hospital.... so... be grateful for the lives you have! lt's amazing how quickly people humble themselves and realize what's important when crisis appears. 
Adios mis hermanos amados
-Hna. Gomez


The first picture - a sister who is headed back to Nauvoo, IL visitor center
Seeing past companions at the trainer meeting! We're all training! lt feels like just yesterday we headed out from Provo together...
The transfer calender!
And a silly deacon who drew himself a beard :) hahaha
Hehehe our zone leader asked us to make him his last planner cover. "Team Utchdorf or team Holland??"

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