Monday, May 12, 2014

Be a little bolder :)

Joke of the Week: What side of the cat has the most fur? The outside. -Elder Haufano
Quote of the Week: Sus pies huelen peor que nachos!!!!
So obviously l forgot some things yesterday when l got to talk to all of you :) Firstly, did y'all get the boxes of clothes l mailed home? 
Nextly, l met a member a few weeks ago who is from Saltillo who knows las familias Martilet and Lugo! Se llama la hermana Torres. And she said that the Lugos all sing like little angelitos :) (Tali's cousins... two of Medardo's sisters' families live in Saltillo, Mexico).  
Our mission president's wife gave us an awesome training at our last zone conference. And at the end, she gave us a little rock to put in our pockets, so that when we feel it, it reminds us that we need to be "a little boulder" hahahahaha
lt's so true! All of you folks should be a little bolder when sharing the gospel. 
The youth in our little branch are on FIRE! They're awesome muchachos.
President Ames has given us some revelation and guidance for how we teach and do things that is straight from God. Hna. Lopez and l were talking about how we actually feel more powerful now! He's teaching us how to make the tools we need to build this ship. We are going to  baptize 820 people this year as a mission. :) 
Andale pues, me alegro de que hayan estado muy bien. Si hay algo que puedo hacer por ustedes, por favor dejenme saber. Y colorin colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

-Hermana GOmez

Pictures --  we didn't get to SKYPE with Tali - -but we did get to talk to her on the phone... so these are the pictures of the week :) 

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