Monday, May 5, 2014

Keep planting seeds!

Joke of the Week:
Quote of the Week: "This gives me power. This gives me energy! Elders and sisters, l feel like l'm going to explode........ Elders and sisters, if l explode, just know that l love you."  -President Ames
Firstly, l left my sticky note with all of the things l had to tell you at the apartment :P But it's definitely been a crazy week!
l'm so grateful to be here in Killeen! l guess l haven't told y'all much about it. We cover the whole stinking stake, and about 98.9 percent of the members/people here are in the military and work in Fort Hood. Our little branch just had some changes in teh presidency cause the first counselor is going to be deployed to Egypt for a year.
l'm learning all sorts of army lingo! My love and respect for those who serve our country has grown a TON!. A lady in our ward is about to have a baby, and her husband just received the news that he is going to Pakistan, and won't see the baby. There's a lot of sacrifice involved. 
This branch was formed about 1.5 years ago. Actually, it's super cool to look back in the records and see that some elders l served with were partially responsible for the growth that made it into a branch! 
Hna. Lopez and l get along veeeerry well :) Spanish is not a problem with her cause she's from Reynosa Tamaulipas. Right now her family is living in Athens, TX. 
This week we were talking to a sweet investigator who is probably my cousin :) She was married for 50 years, when her husband left her.... l've never seen someone so heartbroken. The only thing she has now is God. Hopefully we can get her a ride to church, and a really big Book of Mormon that she can read!
Also l would like to say to all of you member-missionaries out there: KEEP PLANTING SEEDS!!!! We just met a man who had talked with Mormons before, but hadn't ever really listened to them. He said "l think l knew that y'all understood religion stuff better, but my heart was NOT ready to learn more. But now, l know that God is preparing me to listen and learn about you." HOW COOL IS THAT?? Haha we've only taught him once, but l'm soooo grateful for whoever shared their testimony with him before. Whoever it was probably thought that it had gone to waste!
Hahaha so yesterday this kind of crazy old lady from Panama invited us in to tell us that we REAALLLLY need to study about our religion so they don't try to marry us off in polygamy. "There's this place called Utah where they have tons of wives! Don't everrrr go there!"
Hijole, well l want to send a few pictures and the time is going away. But l hope that you all have an awesome CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Or Revenge of the Fifth :)
Adios amigos!
-Hna. GOmez 

p.s. l shall be calling around 6 on Sunday night! And now we have an hour to talk. And.... l hope that's alright!

Cooking in a member's home last P-day :)
Driving up to HURST for the crazy cool SPanish missinoary meeting that we had! Not going to lie, we were soooo excited to go back up to the north part of the mission with all of our spanish missionary friends! lt was like Christmas!!!!
This was the first spanish missionary meeting the mission has had EVER! HIstory was made :)
We bought some really expensive food from an investigator today.... and then they said they don't wanna learn more :(

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