Monday, May 19, 2014

Mountains to Climb

Quote of the Week: "Most of us listen to the buffetings of Satan well before we listen to the whisperings of the Father." Pte. Ames
Joke of the Week: "Have you heard that joke about the african american and a mexican? Once you've heard Juan, you've heard Jamal." -Small child in the branch
Hahaha Levi parallel parking is probably the best thing l've seen all day!
So l forgot if l asked y'all, but did you get the boxes of stuff and clothes that l sent home? l hope they made it safe!
Also, l was able to get onto my BYU account, and l adjusted a few of the classes. l also put myself on a waiting list for a spanish class (l have to be enrolled in one in order to qualify to take the 16 credit test), so if you (mom) could check it so that if the waiting list one is available, that you drop the back up one l registered for? 
Haha l hope that makes sense
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO DALLIN AND KATELYN!!!!! lt seems like just yesterday l was in the MTC talking to her about the bridal shower.... Hijole!
Speaking of showers, SHANNON POWELL IS HAVING A BABY??? 
Last week was filled with some crazy drama in the little branch. Saturday evening we were about to explode from devastation, investigators were dropping us, and all of the missionaryish bad things that could happen were happening.
We were about to go to the baptism of two of the english sisters in the zone, and we had the random thought that we should get some flowers to take to the girl getting baptzied. The girl loved them, and was grateful. But the real miracle was when the sisters came up to us and said that ALL day they'd  been trying to find time to get flowers for her, but they couldn't find any! l've never seen flowers at a baptism before, but l think that l'm going to do it every time now :) lt was amazing how the Lord can answer the prayers of other people through us!
During that same baptism, they showed a video "Moutains to Climb" from Mormon Messages. lt was exactly what we needed. The most beautiful feeling of peace came over Hna. Lopez and l and we started crying like babies. We knew that no matter what crazy things were happening in the branch, we were going to be okay. Our purpose never changes as missionaries. 
Whew... well l think that's about all l have to say this week! 
Hasta ver
Hermana Gomez

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