Monday, June 16, 2014

No smiling contest :)

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Alrighty... well first of all, l left my paper with all of my weekly notes at the casa, so this will probably be short. 
SO this week was reeeaally crazy, but really good! We taught a ton of lessons, and we had 5 people come to church! We're so excited :) There's no better feeling than meeting and beating the weekly goals. We had a wonderful lesson last night in the house of a member. We watched "The Restoration" with one of our most progressing investigators. The Spirit was so strong! Haha like ALWAYS a phone rang during the First Vision, but his eyes were glued to the TV! l love that movie. lt's been amazing to see the spiritual growth that has happened with this guy. The past month has impacted him so much.

So we were eating dinner with a few of the families in the branch, and someone decided to do a no smiling contest. And the first 3 losers had to eat a full spoonful of some "really hot" salsa. My poor companion had to take a few spoonfuls, and a pesar de being mexican, she doesn't eat much spice. The poor salvadorenos and puertoriquenos were dying! hahaha it was so funny to watch! When l finally had to eat some, l was alarmed to find that no me picaba tanto! l have lost my tastebuds!!!!!! :P
Thank you for the prayers, -Con amor, 
Hermana GOmez

p.s.! l remembered another cool thing. So we were talking with Fidel Avitia, and he called his mom. And she was able to tell us the story of how the Gomezes were converted to the gospel. She said that los hermanos Gomez siempre eran los mejores ejemplos al barrio. They were the first to be sealed in the temple, and all of the kids are still strong in the Gospel! (haha l already knew that part) Fidel said that something that Abuelito decia was "Haz me un punto de apoyo, y yo moveré el mundo." Fidel went on and on about how his hero was Carlos Gomez. He said that he doesn't pick his heroes from the fake idols that the world has, but from real, amazing men. Crazy small world eh?

l'm have interviews this Friday with President. And Hermana Lopez is awesome :) AND l didn't even say it in my email, but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! :) Last night we were talking about what our families were probably doing. l guessed that Camilla gave Dad a dark chocolate hershey's bar, and that he got some peanut m&m's. He probably called his parents, and then y'all probably went to grandpa and grandma's for a little bit. HAha were my guesses right?? And you may have made him red enchiladas?

Hermana Fotu and l doing service on exchanges!!! She's from Tonga :)
Memorizing scriptures is da best.
Hermana Lopez tried to teach me what hashtags are used for....

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