Monday, June 9, 2014


Joke of the Week: Why do cows have bells? Cause their horns don't work!
Quote of the Week: l have not come to torment or frustrate the natural man, but to kill it!
Buenos días! Puesity pues pues, this semana has been great! We had a few over 100 days, and a few (like el día de hoy) rain storms like Noah's Ark! Random fact: In Utah after it rains, there's a bunch of squished worms all over the ground. ln Killeen after it rains, there's an equal amount of squished frogs all over the ground.
This week we taught a lot of Member Present lessons!!!!! Which is awesome. lt means that our people are getting the chance to learn the Gospel through the members!!!! And we alll know that that's the best way.
Man, one of the fruits of the labor came in the form of a text last night :) One of our most progressing investigators texted us to apologize for not coming to church, and toldus that he's been reading a chapter a day in the Book of Mormon!!!!!!!!!!! Hna. Lopez and l were squealing in our beds like 15 year old girls who just got a text from Captain America. 
Yesterday we were at church, and a less active who we've been visiting came! The branch secretary came  up to us and asked him where he was baptized so they could start getting his records transferred. Guess where he was baptized? PIEDRAS NEGRAS COAHUILA! And guess what? My very own abuelito was his first teacher! His name is Fidel Avitia. He said that he learned every thing he knows about mechanics, being healthy, God, and life in general in the little shop with Hermano Gomez. Sweet huh? He said that his dad, Jose, was suuuper good friends with Abuelito. He said that he's never met a smarter, better, cooler man :) 
Andale pues. Aqui todo va muy bien, gracias a Dios. Me alegro de escuchar de todas las noticias de la familia y el barrio! Danelle ya me había dicho que hay un barrio de solteros.... pero creo que yo voy a ir donde hablen español. ésta semana tuvimos un intercambio con las hermanas de Temple. Para no echarles mentiras, confieso que tenía los celos cuando olí su apartamento! jaja el nuestro sigue oliendo muy feo. Vamos a tener que explicarselo a pte. Ames porque nos olimos como si fumáramos todos los días :)
Que les vayan muy bien!

Some of our investigators and 
Horton Hears a Who!?

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