Monday, June 23, 2014

Which came first in Texas?

Joke of the Week: Which came first in Texas? The fried chicken or the fried egg? 
Quote of the Week: "lf he [man] willingly sacrifices all that he has, he shall find that he has enough." -James E. Talmage
What do you call cows at church? STEAK CONFERENCE!!! That's right folks. We had stake conference. Which means that we also had interviews with President Ames. l don't think l've ever appreciated the interviews more than l have here in Killeen. Haha we're so far away from the rest of the mission! l am so incredibly grateful for President AMes. He is truly inspired of God, and willing to fight for the right, no matter what it takes. 
Stake Conference was wonderful! Right before the Saturday night adult session, we had been helping one of our recent converts' wife write their talk, cause she spoke. Right before we went in, it started POURING rain. And just the few seconds we were outside, we got soaked to the bone. We walked in to greet President and Sister Ames looking like we just jumped into a pool.
The next day we were translating. Man. lt was definitely a tender mercy that we had two others surprise us and help out. Cause 2 hours of talks is a LOT! l have such a huge respect for the General Conference translators! 
Something that was talked about in conference made me think a lot about our home growing up. A man was talking about how he and his wife decided to make the sacrifice of cutting the Cable TV, and just sticking to Netflix and appropriate movies, and the local free channels. lt hit me that all of my life (hasta la fecha creo..) We didn't ever have Cable! Haha we don't even have NEtflix! And you know what? No me hacia falta nada. l honestly feel like even without those things we still found time to waste on media. So padres, muchas gracias. l'm so grateful that l was raised without the need for things like that. Haha when l have a family, we're going to live in the mountains and play music for fun :)
l am so incredibly grateful for the Holy Ghost. One of the lesson points in PMG states: "The Holy Spirit teaches us, purifies us, comforts us, testifies of the truth, warns us, and guides us." Throughout my mission l feel like l've seen each of those points in action. One of our investigators was talking with us about how he still is missing that "answer" that we keep talkign about. We started explaining the different ways that the Spirit could talk to him, and BAM the Spirit started teaching him right then and there. He "randomly remembered" that before he started talking to us, he had lots of temptations to do bad things, even when he read the Bible and studied religion. But that since he's been talking with us and reading in the Book of Mormon, he hasn't even had the desire to do those things. WE could then testify that THAT is the Spirit. lt's what helps us to resist temptation and do the right thing. 
WE met a member who served a mission in Hermosillo and knows Bishop Gomez and Herendira!!! lf he remembers a "Hermana Lucia Torres," that's her :) SHe also knwos my tios en sAltillo! 
times up.

l taught Hna. Lopez how to make Chilaroni!
And.... l may or may not have taught some of the youth that it's ok to "rescue" signs
Finally the picture with Fidel!

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