Monday, July 21, 2014

I love love love contacting people!

Quote of the Week: Do you love me? FEED MY SHEEP!
Joke of the Week: What Mexican food won't shut up? Talk-o's! 
What?!! Siera got her mission call??? That's sweet!!

Another crazy week has passed by. We walked about 1 billion miles this week. l love love love contacting people! 
So we were walking one day, and we were talking about how hungry we were.  Right as we turned the corner, there were 4 perfect pears sitting on the road. We almost cried from happiness! God truly takes care of his missionaries! Unfortunately we were right at the house of our investigator and so we went inside. And when we left, we walked the other way and forgot them. Haha. BUT the tender mercy was still there :) And IF we weren't such dummies, God would have provided us with lunch that day :)
We had a super cool talk with the mom (member) of two of our investigators. She said that she has prayed every day for YEARS that her kids would stop being so rebellious and change their ways. And since we've been visiting them, K. and D. have been asking to go to church! And K. even got rid of all of her bad video games! That is a HUGE step. l'm so so so grateful for the gospel that has power to change every single person.
l'm so happy to be here serving. Although sometimes people tell you that after we leave they're going to throw the Book of Mormon in the trash where it belongs, there are moments that are pricelessly amazing :) 
Have a good week!
-Hermana Gomez

l'm still awfully behind sending pictures! But here's a highlight from June :)

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