Monday, July 7, 2014

Tamales in the summer !

Joke of the Week: Cuantas vacas en Tejas hay? Cin-cuenta. :)
Quote of the Week: "That little urchin is going to steal my stuff."
Man what a crazy week. We got transfer calls this morning. And....... WE'RE BOTH STAYING :) The silly zone leaders tried to trick us and say that Hna. Lopez was going to a zebra (spanish-english) in Hillsburo. They even gave her the new address and everything! We were freaking out a little, and then he told me that my new companion is going to be SISTA LOPEZ (he is from New Zealand). Haha we screamed like little children we were so happy. 
Well.... this last week was pretty crazy! l had forgotten just how sweaty and gross  we get on the bikes this time of year. lt's gross! But we've seen so many tender mercies. My very favorite tender mercies are when we teach a great lesson. Teaching a man named Eliot, the Spirit was so... there! l never cease to be amazed how we are directed to teach exactly what these people need. We'd already taught the first lesson to him a few times, but this time, we were asking inspired questions that would help him understand. As we read Moroni 10:4-5, he was struck hard. He was amazed at how the words spoke so clear and direct. l LOVE the Book of Mormon. l have truly watched it change lives. At the beginning of my mission, l was always worried that people would get lost in the big words and weird  "vosotros" language. But as Eliot stopped and felt the words hit him, l was just so so grateful that God gave us this tool.
Another humbling moment was last night as we began with the new member lessons with our recent convert. We had decided to give assignment to him and his friend to teach us the first one. They studied and prepared to teach us about the Restoration :) As they stood up and began to testify to us about prophets, the apostasy, and Jose Smith, the Spirit was so strong! l felt so blessed to be able to the change in these two muchachos. 
Hahaha so we decided to fulfill a promise that we made the zone leaders long ago to make them tamales. But the chiste was that neither l nor hermana Lopez had ever made tamales without the help of someone older/wiser. But.... WE DID IT! We even spread the maza on the hojas with a cuchara! lt was a waaaaay bigger project than we had anticipated! Haha but we finished almost all of it. The last part of the chicken, chile, and maza are still in teh fridge waiting for us to gather up the ganas to finish. We even invented our own tamalera with two pots, a bowl, and a plato. One crazy adventure l will enver forget!
l certainly felt the fasting and prayers from you all! l will keep praying for you too. l hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!
Also, l want to see pictures of Katelyn's stomach!!!!! 
-Con amor, Hermana GOmez

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  1. Oh the joys of missionary work. Keep it up Hermana!