Monday, July 14, 2014

the many adventures of Tali

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the Bay they'd be bagels!!!
Quote of the Week: "Podemos mirar atras para reclamar las brasas de las experiencias brillantes pero no las cenizas." -Jeffery R. Holland
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NAOMI!!!!! l'm so sorry l won't be there to celebrate your quince.... ANd l can't even believe that you're that old! 
l will pray for the Breretons... that's so so sad. 
Well last week we had many adventures. We were outside our neighbor sister missionaries' door talking the night before transfers. They were doing a "sleepover" and had face masks on. Suddenly, a woman walks up to us, and asks if we have any ice. One of the sisters said yes, and the lady WALKED IN THEIR APARTMENT. (That's not kosher.) We were trying not to laugh ourselves to death as the sisters (in their p.j.s and ... blankets) hurried and got her some ice. But this lady wanted them to teach her! She started asking questions about the white boards, folletos, etc. WELL, it turns out, that this crazy innocent lady actually STOLE the wallet of one of the sister missionaries! So... ya. Never make exceptions to the rules. Even if it seems harmless!
We had a super cool experience with a part member family! THe elders de ingles had given them to us as a last resort. They said that the son (non-member) just wasn't interested, but that maybe a spanish branch would help them (son puertoriquenos). As we were about to leave the appointment (The son had talked a little bit) he stopped us before the prayer, and said that he had something to share. He said that he has been feeling like he lacks faith and that he needs help from God. His mom asked if he would like a blessing, and he started to cry (23 year old army dude) and said yes! God is definitely preparing him :)

Sunday we felt the need to stop by the house of one of our active members who wasn't at church. She's pregnant and so it wasn't too weird that she didn't make it. As she opened the door, she started to cry and invited us in. There are a LOT of things going on in her life right now.... her husband is about to leave to Korea (army) and will be alone with her 2 year old to have the new baby. Also, the doctor just found some cancerous tissue in her uterus. Listening to all of it, l just wanted to fix her problems! My heart was breaking for this poor lady, and l had no advice about marriage, family problems, or life threatening diseases. l prayed with all my heart that the Spirit would help me know what to say. lmmediately, Mateo 11:29-31 came to my brain. l know that GOd really is there to share the load of his weary and tired children. 
Another cool story happened in the branch!!! A home teacher went to give a blessing to a sister who had asked for it. He didn't know exactly why, but he followed the Spirit, and in her blessing, he specifically mentioned that her "eyes, lungs, and knees" would be blessed with health. Everyone was a little surprised at the specificness/randomness. After the blessing, the hermana called he and his wife and demanded to know WHO had told him to say that. He said that he had no idea! ANd that he had even surprised himself when the words came out. But it turns out, that this lady had just gone to the doctor for problems in her eyes, lungs, and knees. Crazy huh? The priesthood is real!!!!
Well, that's about it! l have a ton of pictures to send but l dount l'll actually send any.... :P l shall put them on a flash drive.

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