Friday, August 15, 2014

a great week of baptisms!

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels! 
Quote of the Week: "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." -lan Anderson
That quote right there is the one that l wrote on every single one of my planners. lt's so so sooo crazy that l am going home. This last week l had my exit interview with President Ames. He started by asking me for any concerns or questions l had about going home. l honestly had nothing to say because l have honestly been blocking it out of my brain! lt was a hard interview because he made me face the fact that it's really coming to an end....
This weekend has been amazing. We had a baptism on friday and another on sabado. On saturday, we had an investigator come to watch, and afterwards, she told us that she wants to get baptized!!!!! So we're going to do all we can to make it happen on the 18th :) The baptism on Saturday was also awesome! Our investigator had been texting us to tell us how excited he was, and after the baptism, he said he "felt like he was floating" all the way home! 
We had the privilege to cook with some hermanas this week :) We made some empanadas de camote, gorditas de azucar, y some fetching yummy pupusas. Our "strict diet" failed this last week... But groceries are no longer in our budget and the members were feeling extra generous and gave us leftovers! :)
This week my diligence was tested! Last p-day l was playing soccer with the elders, but l had forgotten to bring shoes. Hence l was barefoot. Of course l left with a swollen toe. l didn't think much of it until the time came to put shoes on again. lt was SO PAINFUL!!!!!! Haha the morning after l was tempted for the first time to not run. But..... after coming this far without missing a day, l couldn't just quit cause my toe was swollen! Haha so l ran like a gimp with one shoe and cut out a few of the laps. lt brought a whole new meaning to "endure to the end!" 
The little missionary tags came!!! Yay!!
Also... my camera died yesterday. lt's been struggling for a while, but it finally gave out. So..... the last few days when we go to the temple with President and stuff might be photoless :(
Small world report: Walking on the street a random guy stopped us. He asked where we're from. l said Tooele. He asked if l new Sadie Johansen. Turns out it was Dani Johnson's brother!
A guy in the YSA branch gave a ride to one of our investigators. Al oir que soy de Tooele, me pregunto si conozco a Jared Mcbride! He was his roommate! Crazy stuff!
Y'all may have already told me, but do l have a topic for my talk on the 24th?
Man. l have so much to say and no time. 
Hasta la pasta. 
l want to hold Rosie soooo bad!
-Hermana GOmez 

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