Monday, August 4, 2014

Funny stories from Tali and proof of 111 degrees

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: "Jesus wants me for a zombie?!"
Alrighty. Well l can only imagine how bored the few of you who read this are after tantas semanas.... so l decided to make it purple! 
People keep asking me what the first "non-missionary thing" l'm going to do when l'm home. And every time l tell them: Hold a baby. l'm SO excited to hold her!!!
l'd also like to thank Camilla for the taco scented chapstick. l have yet to try it out, but l'm sure it'll be wonderful :) 
Last night Hna. Lopez was telling me about one time when an hermana was cracking eggs into a frying pan and a live baby chick fell out! lt was alive!!!!!! lt dropped into the hot pan and got all burned, but they saved it. l made a joke about it having to wear a mask over it's face to cover up the burn scars, and Hna. Lopez cried out, "lt was the Phantom of the Farm!!!!" jajajajajaja lt was so. funny. So funny that when we said the closing prayer to leave the lesson, we were all giggling so hard the Spirit completely left. Hahahaha hilarious :)
Another funny story is about the Quote of the week :) We were singing in a baptism of a boy in the ward (he speaks more english). The kids from the primary were singing, and one of the hermanas (doesn't speak much english) nudged me and said, "Hermana! l've never heard 'Jesus wants me for a zombie!'" Jajajaja good old spanish accents :)
We're so excited for a baptism this weekend! While we were teaching him about the Plan of Salvation, we read the scripture in Alma 40 about how our bodies will be perfected in the resurrection. He sat and thought after we read it, and said, "THat makes me think of when Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus.... did they have that perfect kind of body?" We told him that they do have that body, and he got way excited! In his own words, "l like that! l LOVE that!!! That is SO COOL!" He made the connection that God has a glorified body, and so we need to get one too. lt's been such an amazing experience to be able to teach him. He also loved the story about the strippling warriors. lt made him feel more peace about his deployment. 
Well.... l think that's enough random stories for one day. 
Que sigan adelante en sus vidas. Les espero una semana muy feliz :) 

esta foto es de Isa and Maria :) They like to take our name tags and pretend to be us when we go. They even teach the lessons!

And their brand new baby sister Ali :)

One of the elders in my district's family history adventure!

We finally got to go on base!!!! lt's..... reeeaaallllly cool. (tone dripping with sarcasm)

ya l did get the familysearch info! l will have to look at it if we have time again this week. Most of our time will be used to make the 2 baptismal programs!!! :) We're super excited. 
Another good thing that happened is that our recent convert Trey just emailed me and said that missionaries found him at his  new house in South Carolina and they've started teaching his whole family!!!

note the 111 degrees outside :P 
l don't know if l ever sent you the pictures of our tamales? But here's one of them!

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