Monday, August 18, 2014

Last email from Tali in Texas!

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: He peleado la buena batalla, he acabado la carrera, he guardado la fe. 2 Timoteo 4:7
Hijole. l never. ever. thought this day would actually come! lt's one of the strangest feelings l've ever experienced. Ever. lt's not happy and it's not sad. Just kidding, it IS happy and it IS sad. lt's pretty much every emotion that l've ever felt all put into one!
Haha that sounds real dramatic.
One thing l will be sad about is the fact that emailing won't be so cool anymore. :P Mondays were always so fun as we pulled up to the library and we logged in to our accounts! l remember sometimes l would even get butterflies in my stomach waiting to see what my family and friends me habian dicho. l hope that every monday for the rest of my life l have that same excitement to talk with my family (FHE?) hehe l think the church does that on purpose :) 
This week was great :) We had an amazing lesson with an amazing new family! The daughter is the one who went to teh baptismal service last week and wanted to get baptized. We ended up moving the date. But as we taught about the Restoration with a sister from the branch, the Spirit filled the room so strongly! Hna. Melendez shared her own conversion experience and how important it was that the Spirit touched her heart in that moment. The mother who we were teaching started crying, and told us that she has never really felt the desire to look for God, but that in that moment, she felt like it was HER time. Which was a complete change from the last time we met. Last time she was super supportive of her daughter learning, but she wasn't really interested for her own self. Man. it was a sweet lesson. l wish l was staying to see how they progress! 
We had another really cool family lesson! They're a young couple and the brother. The brother looks like he's had a rough life, but as l watched him playing with his little 5 month old son, l was filled with the impression to ask him what he thought about baptism. (we'd just taught them the plan of salvation) He said he's down!!! They're aLL DOWN! :) 
Hna. Fotu will be training a new missionary here..... l know that the Lord has sent them to this area, and He's going to guide them through this Whitewash....
Hna. Lopez and l are awful at saying goodbye..... we've been crying for about a week straight! but it will all be alright. She's headed up to Lewisville! 
We had an exchange with the Gatesville sisters last week! Haha english exchanges are the best. "What's your name?" "Jose." "How do you spell that?" hahahahahah
Thank you for everything that you've done to support me..... l'm so excited to see you all this Thursday :) Yesterday in sacrament meeting the song Families can be Together Forever brought me to tears as it hit me that this week, l'll have a family again! lt's so weird.
Hurrah for Missions! Hurrah for families! and HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! :)
-Hermana Gomez
Thanks for the plaquitas :)  They got here! (Future missionary tags)


Eddie's baptism! He went to the temple to do baptisms last week!!! :) WOOHOO!!!

Martha's baptism! :) 

The district! :) minus one of the lame camera shy zone leaders :P 

We made pupusas!!! jajaja y fracasamos. pero ni modo. intentamos. y eso es lo que cuenta verdad?? :)
Funny story: in the middle of making them (night before last district meeting) the stove exploded. So we had to stop making them, and then take them to finish cooking to the church before district meeting. So we were studying and flipping the pupusas and suddenly the kitchen of the church filled with smoke! jajaja adventures of being stupid.

one of the many goodbye photos... l'll steal the rest from Hna. Lopez' camera and send them. 
UGH this was the worst time for my camera to break down! 

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